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Voorhout Monumentaal: Monumental sculpture in Public Space
Meet the curator André van Lier

Voorhout Monumentaal: Monumental sculpture in Public Space
Curator-led tour by André van Lier

The Lange Voorhout in the city centre of The Hague is an outstanding venue for sculptures. 20 sculptors exhibit their work till 14 September. The curator André van Lier will explain and discuss with the participants how he developed this monumental exhibition in public space.


12.00 start at the Pulchri Studio, coffee and visit inner sculpture court of Pulchri Studio (20 small size sculpture exhibited)
13.00 Guided tour by the curator and sculptor André van Lier at the Voorhout Monumental exhibition.
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Catalogues networking (optional: tour of Pulchri Studio by former chairman Yke Prins)
16.00 Drinks or (optional) visit to the Lange Voorhout - Concert: "Sound Wave Collection - L’Histoire du soldat-Igor Stravinsky, SoundWave Collective"

André van Lier, Hexametrisch vouwlijnen systeem

Normal price: 10,- EUR (to be paid in cash at the event)
sculpture network members: 0,- EUR
Deluxe lunch bread and smoothy or coffee/tee (optional): 15,- EUR p.p.

The current Corona rules apply!

Due to the limited number of participants, registration is required.
To participate please register online by using the "Register now" button at the end of the page.
Deadline: 23/06/2021

The event will take place in Dutch (English translation possible) and it has been organised by Yke Prins sculpture network Board member.

About Voorhout Monumentaal 2021
The middle path of the Lange Voorhout shimmers. The artists of the Pulchri Studio Association have been busy, resulting in a sculpture exhibition, the first for several years. The last such exhibition was in 2016.  With this exhibition Pulchri Studio hopes to revive the earlier tradition of The Hague Sculpture. .
The artists come from all walks of life and some are well represented in museum collections. It is very special to see them together in all their diversity. After all kinds of lockdowns, there is, according to curator André van Lier, a growing need for freedom and diversity. That is why the works of art are selected in such a way that an appealing and varied exhibition is created in terms of subjects, dimensions, materials and appearance. An exhibition that draws its strength from the diversity and creativity of the participating artists and actually celebrates the (approaching) end of the pandemic. The exhibition also extends into Pulchri Studio's monumental building. Smaller works are placed on the steps, in the hall and in the inner garden. And there are several solo and group exhibitions with renowned sculptors.

Cover picture: Rinus Roelofs, Verweving



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