FAC Headquarters

Via Finelli 22
54033 Carrara

Dialogue in Carrara

Contemporary Art in Carrara
Saturday, 2 June 2018, 13:00 - 16:00

Program: Conversations with the artists about their work and their intercultural cooperation Stefanie Krome www.stefanie-krome.com Dominik Stahlberg www.mr-stahlberg.com Erika Gao 7throwlven.wixsite.com/7throwlven Debate on contemporary art in Carrara Explanation of the work, their method of operation and the manufacturing process Drink ands nacks Participation is free of charge. To participate please register online by using the "Registration" button above. Deadline: 31.05.2018 Galleries and studios in sight of the Cathedral in downtown Carrara open their doors on June, 2. Cooperation with Stefanie Krome, Dominik Stahlberg and the Chinese artist Erika Gao F.A.C. works with social-cultural and autobiographical themes to show our areas of life without reproach. In their works there is not only sarcasm and provocation, after this first effect their goal is different: "Art is like a hammer - it has to shake to make us think about certain topics. Since 2011 F.A.C. is part of NO!art-Movement, founded in 1960 in NYC, and participates in various art exhibitions and symposia all over the world. In cooperation with: F.A.C. FronteAcciaioCromato


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