Den Haag / Otterlo

XII. International Forum

Sculpture lives on: from modernism to globalization
The Hague / Otterlo, Netherlands
3 - 5 October 2013

Keynote speaker: Judith Collins
Curator: Anne Berk

sculpture network's International Forum is a networking opportunity for curators, artists, museum experts, gallerists, collectors and friends to meet, exchange and increase its professional knowledge about contemporary sculpture.

Impressionen Donnerstag, 3. Oktober

Ausstellung "Contemporary Russian Sculpture"

Exhibition "Contemporary Russian Sculpture"

Auditorium Museum Beelden aan ZeeAuditorium Museum Beelden aan Zee

Abendessen "Strandrestaurant De Waterreus"

Dinner "Strandrestaurant De Waterreus"

Impressionen Freitag, 4. Oktober

Auditorium Kr├Âller-M├╝ller MuseumAuditorium Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum

Dinner Restaurant De Koperen Kop

The conference picked up on the anniversary exhibition "Top 75" of the Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum and dealt with the following topics:

In the 20th century, striving for the new and belief in progress resulted in abstract art and finally in an idea which needn't be materialised. Was this the end of sculpture?

In the 21st century, contemporary sculpture is alive and kicking, developing in multiple directions. Whether reconnecting with traditions of the past, or embracing the future with digital techniques, it is spreading throughout the world, globalising through increased travel and Internet.


Judith Collins

Judith Collins (GB), Tate London

Jaap Bremer (NL), Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum

Jaap Bremer (NL), Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum

Riyas Komu (IND), K├╝nstler

Riyas Komu (IND), K├╝nstler

Eylem Aladogan (NL), K├╝nstlerin

Eylem Aladogan (NL), K├╝nstlerin

Nick Ervinck (BEL), K├╝nstler

Nick Ervinck (BEL), K├╝nstler

Heri Dono (INA), K├╝nstler

Heri Dono (INA), K├╝nstler

Impressions Saturday 5 October

Atelier Van Lieshout, Rotterdam

We visited the studio of the collective AteliervanLieshout. Founded by the famous artist Joep van Lieshout, who got international recognition for his installations and models, in which he questions the division of power and our way of living. He exhibits world wide. Joep van Lieshout spoke personally about his views and his way of working and gave us a tour in his huge studios near the harbour of Rotterdam. The sculptor runs a workshop where 20 assistants from all over the world execute his work. Very common in the past, but very exceptional nowadays.

sundaymorning@ekwc, Den Bosch, formerly the European Ceramic Work Centre. Director Ranti Tjan gave a power point about works that were executed in past.

Famous international sculptors, ceramists and designers have worked here. Tony Cragg, Bhupen Kakar, Alexander Brodsky & Ilya Utkin, Mark Manders, Jun Kaneko, Hans van Bentem and Heringa/Van Kalsbeek have realised clay sculptures here. In small groups, we talked with the artists who currently reside in this workplace. They shared their experience of working with ceramics with the participants of the Forum.

Clay is a flexible material, eternal and fragile. It comes from the earth, and can be brightly coloured. But it shrinks and has to fired, with consequences for the size of the work (it has to fit in an oven). We got a tour to the ceramic workshop, with an explanation about the facilities, such as the huge oven, the technical assistance with coiling, sculpting, casting, drying, firing, glazing and the opportunities for residents.


Sander Alblas

FABLAB, Den Bosch

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CADCAM) offers completely new possibilities to create sculptures.
We visited the workshop of FABLAB Noordbrabant, partner of Sundaymorning@EKWC. Staff member Sander Alblas gave a power point about the challenges of digital design and 3D-printing, the software programs, machines and facilities of FABLAB, and the results that have been achieved. FABLAB can help to make the connection between the digital skills and analogue craft, with a special focus on processing in clay.


DordtYart, Dordrecht

Patron of the arts Lyda Vollebregt created workplace in a former shipyard. There is a residency for foreign artists. Each year, 10 Dutch artists are commissioned to make new sculptures with the help of young people who participate on a work experience program.

Visitors talked with the artists and witnessed the process of creation. Director Lyda Vollebregt told us about this fantastic initiative. Afterwards, in small groups we talked to the selected artists about their work and the ideas behind it.

Artist presentations - 90 Seconds per member

Ten 90-second presentations by members of sculpture network, varying from stand up comment, to a musical performance with a solo saxophone.

Presentations by:

  • Viel Bjerkeset Anders (Norway)
  • Marc Erismann (Switzerland)
  • Jan Glisman (Germany)
  • Martina Lauinger (Switzerland)
  • Gudrun Nielsen (Iceland)
  • Marcia Raff (USA)
  • Thomas Rappaport (Germany)
  • Brele Scholz (Germany)
  • Coen Vernoij (Netherlands)
  • Karel Vreeburg (Germany)





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