Tilmann Krumrey


"Brothers" 1997 - 2010, patinated bronze, 315 x 90 x 135 cm, ca. 450 kg, inox iron armature inside.

BROTHERS embodies the story of the siblings CAIN and ABEL and moreover the story of all conflict and war - offender and victim of our permanent battle for supremacy. This battle is fused within the sculpture into one inseparable physical entity.
It embodies – not only in metaphorical sense – instead in a physical way that everyone and everything is inseparably linked with one-another permanently and eternally.
It visualizes most recent physical insight about the universal zero point field – the unified quantum field – as well as the center message of Jesus Christ – what you want that others do to you, do them at first place – or also – the categorical imperative by philosopher Immanuel Kant.
CAIN represents the negative prototype of human behavior, the consciousness of lack – as his name means “acquisition” in Hebrew language. ABEL means “breath” and represents the wholeness of being in tune with god, nature, cosmic order or the unified field of the Holy Spirit.
The sculpture summarizes history of humanity of the last epoch – as far as we see – yet in a brief but complete manner. On the other hand it also represents the categorical imperative for mankind of today to return into the consciousness of ABEL, in-sync with god, nature and the Holy Spirit.


315cm, 90cm, 135cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Spirituality, Society, Body
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