Linda Verkaaik


Daidalos, an inventor. The man who gives himself wings with wax. An inventor always sticks his neck out, otherwise you won't discover anything... discover, uncover. His neck stuck out helplessly as he took the plunge to fly. That fact of the jump... that's where the finding begins... not the searching. The leap into the deep. Ultimately you do that alone (personal development) This takes courage, but also trust That's why I found the idea of ​​the jump more fascinating than a figure that flies... with wings. I want to translate this with a diver, who really jumps through a layer, or through layers. That produces ripples, like in water. Circles that expand. In the sense that such an individual action influences, influences, expands and has an impact on a broader audience. Development. It is a leap from idealism, such a leap into the deep. I wanted to show idealism in the diver, a play of colors that casts its shadow through the sunlight on the ground... and becomes reality. But also: He then, as it were, jumps through a layer of the level of consciousness. Courage takes you to another level of being. These ripples, made of colorful acrylic, will become visible in color circles on the ground during the day due to sunlight. I wanted to translate the uncertainty during the jump (the searching) with the floating feet, not tense as with a professional diver. The raised head and the victorious hands (a bit larger, so that they almost fly), show the victory over the self...the confidence, the pleasure, the discovery.



100cm, 200cm, 200cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Aluminum, transparent, coloured acrylic plates, epoxy
Installation, Public Art, Monumental
All artworks from Linda Verkaaik
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