Gabriela Drees-Holz

Colourful Opened XXL-Butterfly Cage

Material: metal, wire, wool (crocheted), from the series: "Butterflies cannot be caged".

Man has "locked up" nature, rearranged it, thus already destroying it in parts. This series calls on people to open the cages, to give nature (here the butterflies instead of the insect world) its space to develop again, so that nature can fly again, i.e. live.

A used parrot cage with a wide open cage door is the base.

This cage is completely crocheted with colourful wool, inside 2 big white crocheted butterflies "flutter", outside colourful butterflies "flutter" around in a distance of up to 90 cm.

The colours of the butterflies correspond with the colours of the cage.

Each butterfly has its own identity, none is identical to another, just as it is found everywhere in nature.


180cm, 100cm, 90cm (Height, Width, Depth)
All artworks from Gabriela Drees-Holz
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