Sigita Dackeviciute

Nature/civilisation I

The series Nature / Civilization consists of two blocks (Nature / Civilization

I and Nature / Civilization II), which cover different motifs, but

both are devoted to man's relationship with nature, which is multilayered,

ambiguous, and often conflicted. On the one hand, the anthropocentric

attitude (man over nature) and the activities of profit-seeking

corporations are invariably the indiscriminate exploitation of natural

resources and pollution that have led to the climate crisis. Technological

advances, which make our lives easier and more interesting, are

distancing us from nature. At the same time, this means that nature

itself is no longer and will never be "primordial"; it is changing with us,

but it is also being affected by our actions. On the other hand, there

is a growing realisation that nature, and we within it, is a natural and

complex system of interconnected environments, whose balance is

very fragile. If we disturb it, we face the consequences of what is today

known as the Anthropocene (a new, human epoch): man’s impact on

the planet, on nature, on the climate, is becoming a new "geological

force" that is destroying the ecological balance.


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