Ana Maria Negară

The gate of light

The sculptural project "Gate of Light" represents the gate through which the "Guiding Light" is offered to human being. The "Gate of Light" sculpture is specially designed to reflect the spirit of the era in which we live and to create a dynamic - harmonic connection between nature, technology, philosophy, and art, thus becoming an interdisciplinary sculptural project.

In this way, the "Gate of Light" materialized into an extremely powerful visual object, consisting of two elements, on the "arms" of which key words are encrypted, an object that seems to be detached from science fiction films and that benefits from effects and avant-garde architectural elements, with a resounding initiatory significance, appeared or, similar to the spirit and architecture of Saudi Arabia and especially the city of Riyadh.

It is necessary to mention that the "Gate of Light" is actually a continuation of the concept of the sculpture that I made in Riyadh in 2021, "Not just eternity, but infinity", the sculpture which, also, is part of a extended cycle of works called "Catharsis" consisting of 99 monumental sculptures. In turn, the sculpture "Not just eternity, but infinity" was also created based on the Light verse. Thus, only a part of the verse is written on one of the elements of the sculpture, the continuation to be carved in stone on the "Gate of Light" work.

This sculpture talks about the "Light" offered to human being. The "Gate of Light" is a "dial" of the Sun and the Moon, is the gate between heaven and earth, between life and non-being, between two worlds, between ignorance and knowledge, it offers the public the opportunity to interact directly with the work of art, to be part of it and invites to "deciphering" and finding the "Path".

The "Gate of Light" sculpture must be positioned on the axis between sunrise and sunset so that at certain times it receives and radiates to the viewer the light and energy of the Sun, the Energy of Harmony so necessary for our survival, evolution and continuity.


330cm, 400cm, 150cm (Height, Width, Depth)
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