Ana Maria Negară


The sculpture Galaxy aims to reflect the idea that the universe is not only expanding but it is also in a continuous motion, an idea that can be related to the fact that all the bodies and solar systems are in a constant translation within the gravitational forces of their own systems that contain them. According to the observations made by the modern astronomy, the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, that is immobile from our perspective, but it’s extending its reference system. It was determined that the Sun travels through space at a huge speed - cca.70.000 km/hour, together with its entire system of planets, which induces to each body from this system a spiraled trajectory of the journey through the space-time binomial, a fact that puts us in the actual state of passing only once through the same point in the universe.

On the other hand, the sign of spiral symbolizes the union of the contraries, of the male and female principles, of all the antagonistic forces that cooperate in nature, the birth-death-rebirth path.

In this sense, the concept of the project arose from a simple point, a dot on the paper, a dot on a map, a dot in which everything can be hidden or serves as a gateway between the two worlds.

The point, the origin of all creations, is able to shatter everything around itself, to absorb everything in itself and then to turn into matter. This point must be alive, it is not inert but turbulent, it is able to become a spiral or galaxy and to radiate enough energy as to be able to create a new form of life.


180cm, 270cm, 100cm (Height, Width, Depth)
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