Ana Maria Negară


Besides the attractive visual aspect of the labyrinth that is rich in symbolic connotations, the directions of the incisions on the surfaces of the proposed sculpture could become a focal point that might attract the viewer into the game of finding the path that leads to the centre of the sculpture, centre that could be likened to the centre of initiation, of finding ones inner-self, of happiness or of the gate between the heavens and earth.

The present work is intended to be a representation of the World as a Labyrinth and the initiation path on which the humankind must walk on in order to achieve perfection. The significance of the labyrinth is double: if its sinuous paths evoke the torments of hell, at the same time they lead to the place where the enlightenment is accomplished. There are already a number of writings attesting the human desire to achieve the creation of a sacred space, a „Centre”. But we are dealing with two so-called tendencies of the human desire, on the one hand the one that tends to reach without too much effort in „world’s centre” and on the other hand one that seeks crossing the sinuous paths, which insists on the worthiness of entering here. Herein it is highlighted a specific situation for the human being, namely the nostalgia of paradise. In other words, we are dealing with the human desire of the man to be transported to the Centre of the World, in the heart of the ultimate reality.


330cm, 100cm, 100cm (Height, Width, Depth)
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