Ana Maria Negară

Human Evolution

”If we look at the peaks of human development we will have to keep in mind the evolution of the organism and then the development of its interaction with the environment. The development of the organism begins with the evolution of life through the hominids, thus reaching the evolution of mankind. Hence, we are dealing with three types of development: the biological, anthropological and cultural which means that it mainly reflects the evolution of populations, not individuals. Besides, if we take into account the timescales where it was necessary for two billion years to pass to nurture life, six million years for the hominid, a hundred thousand years for mankind, as we know it now, we begin to observe the telescopic nature of the evolutionary paradigm.

All these reflect a new type of evolution that leads mankind to a point where we are able to see it manifesting in our lifetime. This new development is loaded with information and we know that there are two types of information: digital and analogical. When we talk about digital evolution we talk about artificial intelligence, and when we refer to analogical evolution we refer to topics such as the cloning of the body, but what if we fuse these two types of evolution with neurobiology (the biology of the nervous system). Unlike the old evolutionary paradigm, a man dies and another is born, it will grow and dominate, but under the new paradigm will coexist leaning on each other in a non-competitive group.

It is highly interesting how the process is centred individually, internally, discharging the needs and desires of the individual and not through an external and passive process where the individual is similar to the group. In this regard, it can be produced a neo-human with a new individuality and a new consciousness. This could be just the beginning of a new evolutionary cycle based on a new intelligence. As long as intelligence is based on intelligence and ability is based on ability, the speed is changing until it reaches a crescendo so that we can imagine a unity of the human potential. All this could reflect the enhancement of the individual or a multiplication of individual existence that cannot be constrained by time and space.”


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