Ana Maria Negară


The channels of the excavated labyrinth have a rough / textured surface, as well as the surface of the horizontal base, leaving the natural rupture of marble, capitalizing on the poetic dimension generated by the natural appearance of marble and the adversities of existence and destiny of every human being on the path of spiritual knowledge and realization and, paths that are transposed into Kufic writing and offer a harmonious and poetic perception, related to the beauty and mystery of existence. This aspect generates a visual and symbolic contrast with the outer surface of the cubes, which is smooth (but not polished). The labyrinthine paths are a metaphor of human destiny, the fact that we have to discover the path to fulfillment, through good actions and contemplation of the high values of existence, in all the aspects in which they manifest. On the horizontal pedestal, next to the large cube, is inserted a small glossy black disc (in visual contrast with the pedestal with the structure of the broken marble), which symbolizes the beginning of the universe, the primordial Word.


3cm, 5cm, 3cm (Height, Width, Depth)
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