Transforming Landscapes I

”Transforming Landscape I” is part of a series of Interventions we did during a one-month artist residency in October 2022 in Kakslauttanen, Finland.

By moving tree trunks and the resulting minimal irritations in the landscape, that can only be seen by ”one special perspective (just one p.o.v)” we want to point out global interventions of humans in a natural cycle, which takes place for its own economic and profit-oriented motives. We want to question whether a human manipulated forest can still be an attractive, functioning habitat and whether we are able to deal with the resulting consequences. * In the past, many forests around the world have changed from healthy mixed forests to monocultures after being cleared for economic reasons. These are more vulnerable to pests, diseases and climate change. This leads to a deterioration in forest quality and affects overall biodiversity, which in turn leads to a reduced ability to sequester carbon dioxide, further driving climate change.


Mixed Media
Installation, Land Art, Bio Art, Public Art
Ecology, Nature, Society, Conceptual
All artworks from heidundgriess
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