prospects 4.8.

Installation infinity mirror // artificial turf, lawn // mirrors // 90cm x 130cm A4 Museum, Chengdu, China

Second display of 2 Installations that focuses on the topic of urban growth and -expansion. In addition, a debate on issues such as: fake, power claims, the role of tradition in a digitized world,and the impact on nature in terms of a seemless endless growing cities, what is fake, what is real, is stimulated. It shows a display at the end of a black tunnel-like room, that is covered with green artificial turf in form of a rectangle, with a circle of natural grass in its center The supposed natural circle, which is enclosed by the artificial turf, withers slowly. Finally, when one considers that the lawn itself is no longer a purely natural, wild-growing element, but is actually a product developed by humans, the extent may becomes clearer.
 The question is stimulated if there is any space left, where nature is not influenced by humans?


Mixed Media
Ecology, Nature, Conceptual
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