Sigita Dackeviciute


In front of the installation there is a polyester figure called I am a

Fox. It is a leaning mannequin figure with the head of a fox, as if

trying to replicate the animal's pose. The mannequin, a human

model used in clothing, is transformed into a metaphor for the

human being himself: by covering itself with the fox's fur, which

is like an imprint on its back, the mannequin also turns into a fox,

or at least imagines itself in the fox's fur. The mannequin is also

an allusion to the catwalks of fashion events, where the skins of

farmed animals are used to showcase extravagant models. The

catwalks, the artificial spotlights, the camera flashes, the beauty

of the shimmering fur, but without the life that had lived in it, are

like the next stage of the fox's artificial life cycle – the continuation

of the no longer alive, but "beautiful" fur in the sphere of the

cultural industries.


100cm, 60cm, 150cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Mixed Media, Plastic
All artworks from Sigita Dackeviciute
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