Sigita Dackeviciute

Screen Light

Virtual, (un)real reality seems to hypnotize us, tying us to the devices that give us that reality.
The face of Gorgon-Medusa is an improvisation on the portret of Medusa by neo-baroque French sculptor Laurent-Honoré Marqueste.
("Perseus Kills Medusa", 1903). Although the myth of Medusa has often been interpreted in feminist contexts, another aspect of the ambiguous myth has been chosen for this work: the three Gorgons sisters were winged sea monsters with snakes instead of hair, and whoever looked them in the eye was petrified. The screaming Gorgon-Medusa expresses the effects of the blue screens, the state of freezing when immersed in the screen, and also the effort to free yourself from imprisonment on the screens.


60cm, 60cm, 60cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Light, Mixed Media, Plastic
All artworks from Sigita Dackeviciute
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