Vasile Stefanoiu

My participation in the Art Biennale in Florence 2021

My participation in the 2021 Florence Art Biennale enjoyed the success of visitors and officials.
I exhibited three sculptures: two in marble (Arachne and Pygmalion) and one in stone (Prayer).
My sculptures had messages related to the theme of the biennial (The Eternal Feminine).
In the marble sculptures I have transposed the two legends of the civilization of ancient Greece, in a new way of seeing, unique and different, in the contemporary era, suggesting the movement.
The Florence Biennial 2021 was opened from October 23 to 31, 2021, 450 artists from 71 countries participated and 1,500 works of art and drawing from all fields were exhibited.


Stone, Marble
All artworks from Vasile Stefanoiu
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