Gudrun Nielsen

Stuck in a glacier crack 1977 / Jökulheima barren wasteland, Iceland 2019

In the summer of 2019 Gudrun went on a journey with her father √ďlafur, to the old trails of the Tungna√° barren wasteland and J√∂kulheimar, there Gudrun took photographs for her Barren wasteland series. In this exhibition they merge photographs taken up to 70 years apart.
As the art historian Aldís Arnardóttir describes: “The forces of nature are unpredictable and nowhere are the opposites as great as in this barren wasteland. Where the white glacier's edge has retreated and wide areas of black sand and wasteland appear.
Gudrun looks to the past, stories of the land and personal memories, which provides her with the basis for the work of collage where the present lies harshly over the land.


29cm, 80cm, 2cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Paper, Plastic, Metal
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