Ūla Šukytė

four layers

Installation invites to get deeper into a concept of layer itself. Whether it is an institutional layer, a cultural or social one.
The title becomes a reference to a field of layers. It is provocative and manipulative. Practically the installation is made out of four layers: the first one- the space itself, which remained untouched( I didn't move a piece that was left in the room so the broken armchair, the electrical panel, holes in the wall appear ), second one- layer of plaster which gently covers the layer under it in a form of a playground, the third layer- the line that is made of a paint which used for marking the roads for transport and last one- the marks of visitors which in time changes depending on visitors who are leaving their traces on the white paint of floor and walls. Title stops counting those layers after the fourth one, but if we get deeper we can see many more (example - the layer of knowledge which is necessary to read the work, the layer of spacial and general sensitivity, the layer of individual experience and so on)


1cm, 1cm, 1cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Others, Mixed Media, Plaster
Society, Nature
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