Hannes Brunner


In order to breach the issue of unexpected encounters with artificial intelligence, a driver school for autonomous driving, as prime example, is installed at Kulturfolger, offering variable manuals and objects, which might serve to train the relationship to autonomous subjects in a digitized surrounding.

A drone is delivering my Amazon order through a window. A self-driving car is cruising around the corner. An automatic coffee maker is already responsible for my morning gymnastics or the mental breakfast ritual. I’m sitting and programming my day, while writing poems, enjoying the life around me. Digital ghosts surround me. As digitized devices, things or services are provided with own consciousness. In what appears to be a controlled modesty, we look at the evolution of the algorithmic material world, to which we increasingly delegate our worries, freedoms, hopes, dreams and decision-making power. The question is what kind of relationship can we cultivate to automatons?

There are algorithms that are written to do what we do not want to be bothered with. But if we think that all rational accumulation of historical experiences can be boiled down to an algorithm, and given to computers they can do better than any humans, then we lose the game. Artificial Intelligence has granted us with many beautiful things, which decide for us and offer themselves to us as partners for a dialogue. Physically we are no longer dependent on them, but mentally they allow us to see things differently.


Mixed Media, Others
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