Harry Schumacher


Harry Schumacher was invited for a symposium in Trstenice in the Czech Republic. The village stretches along a small, partly dry river in an oblong valley. The East/West trade route that should have gone through the village is the starting point of the artwork. In a graphic sense a trade route is the connection in two directions between two points. The work consists of two V-shaped riverdelta's like two turned away arrows, which only touch in one place. In a riverdelta the water searches its way from high to low. The liquid in the artwork flows against the current. The area is the center of water flowing in two opposite directions, to the Baltic Sea and to the Black Sea. The map forms the Czech Republic, still struggling between East and West. I choose to make the work of art on location and made every day the trip through the village with a trolley to get into contact with the people as a part of the artwork.


70cm, 520cm, 740cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Plaster, Natural Materials, Bronze
Installation, Land Art
Society, Nature
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