anthony heywood


Pagoda is a work which directly references one of world’s most iconic buildings but at the same time appears to be engulfed by materials and processes beyond its classical control. My use of the recycled building materials is both allegorical and metaphorical, I intend the work to have hidden meanings and to look as though it is made from traditional methods of making held together with an ephemeral material, much as with our own lives, which are sometimes held by a thread and at others appearing to have been coated in sugar.
Is manufactured using recycled and sustainable methods of manufacture, I have collected, both natural and manmade materials and used them in juxtaposition to generate a vocabulary within the works. I have chosen to use the formal aspects of the pagoda’s architectural qualities to create within them a juxtaposition of formal and informal use of materials which references the conspicuous consumption of our societies. I intend the sculptures to identify notions of the classicism of consumption, ostentation and material value centred upon a cultural and spiritual identity The sculptures will capture classical form made from the used and useless, discarded relics of mass consumption. My engagement with the urban environment is through witnessing how our buildings and other civic sculptures are subject to environmental changes and human intervention. The sculpture admit to the fascination of the material objects but they ask us to question the depth and consistency of values.
Materiality sometimes evokes censure, but it sometimes a celebration, in other words, the use of material makes the viewer considers and re-aligns its suitability purpose and above all its actual worth. The sculpture admits to the fascination of the material objects but they ask us to question the depth and consistency of our values.


1cm, 40cm, 40cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Mixed Media
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