Sigita Dackeviciute


2018. Metal, PETG polyester

Intensities is perhaps the most abstract object in the exhibition,

yet it retains an allusion to a (former, future?) figure. It

is a polyester form that has captured the shape of the human

figure, like a contemporary plastic "canvas", in which the figure

still exists, but it has lost its tangible material forms.

Inside, only the silhouette of the figure and the horizontal

lines crossing it remain. The minimalist silhouette of the figure

inside rejects contexts and references, leaving only one

– the recording of inner processes, barely tangible thoughts

and sensory movements in silence. It is like the encephalograms

of the brain or the sound charts of music creation

programmes. The equally spaced horizontal lines could in

themselves signify silence, zero activity, but they are distorted

and thus given life by the polyester "shell" that perpetuates

the surface of the material forms of the figure.


160cm, 60cm, 40cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Mixed Media
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