Sigita Dackeviciute



2018–2021. Bronze, coloured wax.

The theme of the animal is one of the main themes of the exhibition

(Ecological) Alterations. However, while in other installations

the animal is a representative of the inhuman realm or the main

character that raises the ecological issue, in this installation, on

the contrary, the image of the animal becomes a symbol of aggressive

force. The idea of this installation

is a critique, above all, a critique of capitalism, where structures

are depersonalised, where it is not always clear who is hiding

behind them or who is using them, where there is a hierarchy that

cannot be named. These structures become aggressive towards

us, but this aggression is hidden rather than obvious. It is like 

colourful packaging that looks attractive but has one purpose:

"buy or die". The colourful, playful rat-man heads should convey

this idea of hidden, masked aggression. At the same time, it is also a critique of human nature, which allows itself to be drawn into games of aggression and hierarchy. On the other hand,

perhaps in the faces of the rat-men we can also see the shadows

of self-awareness and the sadness it causes, the realisation that

it is difficult to change nature.


120cm, 160cm, 35cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Mixed Media
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