Ann-Margreth Bohl


Ann-Margreth Bohl is known for her abstract stone carving, installations using beeswax,
wooden frames, light and sound.
Recent graphite drawings on black card are rooted in her childhood experiences of light in
sacral spaces.
Her style is minimal and direct, yet ephemeral.
‘Lichtspielhaus’ 2014 a black room with a backlit beeswax wall, aimed to give the viewer an
immersive experience of the material beeswax with its smell and warm yellow light
penetrating a confined black space.
‘3x3x3’ 2016 in this site specific underground light installation the viewer had to enter
through a narrow entrance to reach a confined dark space where kinetic wooden frames
cast mesmerizing shadow projections on the end wall of a cellar.
Walls have fascinated Bohl for as long as she can remember “I grew up close to the wall
dividing east and west Germany and visited often, I could not understand why I was able to
look across the wall ‘Die Mauer’ but was not allowed to walk across.”
Her work is heavily influenced by the likes of James Turrell, Richard Serra, Giuseppe Penone
and Pierre Soulages. As a keen collaborator, Bohl has developed projects with fellow
sculptors, composers and sound designers.
During 2017 she was commissioned by landscape and garden designer Paul Hervey-Brookes
to create ‘Passing Light’ a sculpture/installation, exploring the passage of time through the
movement of light and shadow through and around a solid wall, this public sculpture was
made of corten steel and will be permanently displayed at the National Memorial
Arboretum from October 2017.


300cm, 300cm, 300cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Installation, Interactive
All artworks from Ann-Margreth Bohl
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