Aurelia van der Burght

Kinderkopjes, maar dan anders

Winning design, Aurelia van der Burght
during art-project 'In the tram-track'
Realisation in 2002

In 1997, the Bladel Culture Fund issued a competition with an assignment on the theme 'in the tram'. The design - a 3D design or an intervention in the landscape - serves as a reminder of the legendary tram connection that was opened 100 years ago in the Kempen. The tram line connected Eindhoven with Turnhout (Belgium). The competition has resulted in a project with a duration of five years.
Seventy-five artists participated in the competition, with designs submitted anonymously. It is intended that in the five project years designs from five different artists will be realized.

From the assignment
The reflection on the past should not result in nostalgia, but with scenic and visual interesting interventions in contemporary expression must show a vision of the symbolic meaning of that connection for that region.
The images should stimulate the curiosity of the passer-by and, if he / she sees several images along the route, he will discover the theamtic relationship themselves.

A brochure has been published with information, an exhibition has been set up, various activities have been undertaken by local initiatives and photos and billboards have been placed along the route at various locations. It is desirable for participants in the competition to include this information in their design.


45cm, 220cm, 1100cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Bronze, Concrete
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