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Brigitte Jurack

Brigitte Jurack moved from Germany to Great Britain in 1989 and lives and works on Merseyside. She is part-time Head of Sculpture/Time-Based-Art at Manchester School of Art. Jurack is a founding member of the artists’ group Foreign Investment, a collective dedicated to collaborative performances for specific sites and situations. Jurack published 'Irfaran - travel and work' (2007). Jurack’s multi-media art captures quietly observed moments of joy and play. Acutely aware of the contradictions inherent in monumental sculptures and grand gestures, Jurack’s public works are of a more gentle nature focusing on the fragility of life lived through moments of pleasure and play.
Jurack has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, with exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Dusseldorf, Venice, Kiev, Aarhus, Dublin and London.
www.brigittejurack.de  and www.foreign-investments.com

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