Janine Melai

Always looking for the essence, tenor, space and tranquility

My work is mainly abstract and inpired by nature, human connections and political relations. I translate my inspiration, my never-ending stream of ideas, and my restlessness into seemingly simple shapes, in my search for the essence of existence. Visual language helps me to satisfy my restlessness. My sculptures are a result of a long thought process that eventually arises through the senses. My wish is to capture fragile moment, to scult the essence of reality in stone. When I succeed to create a ripple in a human mind, make ones heart beat faster, I am on this right track. I am curling out a trail to balance, timeless.

Janine Melai

Artworks (6)

Janine Melai, 2018

The constructabe society

Janine Melai, 2021

Landscape Middle East

Janine Melai, 2013


Janine Melai, 2015

The major gesture

Janine Melai, 2017

Doors of Perception

Janine Melai, 2010


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