Toma Gabor

Creative statement

Toma’s practice and studio explorations are focused on three-dimensional site-specific sculpture, installation, painting, and drawing. He uses both conventional and unconventional materials, and through modeling or combining them, he strives to either enhance or diminish their characteristics. This approach allows him to suggest ideas in abstract shapes. The works on display suggest changing shapes; they vary from compact, geometrical, or rough organic volumes, to thin, aerated traces in space.

His works has explored many themes, such as consumerism and human behavior. Shoppers I-II-III, The Network, The Temporary Monument of the Passerby, and Mass-produced, were all designed to attract the passerby’s instant involvement and response.

In his new works, the cuboid-like shape is a modified Platonic volume, becomes a module in an architectural structure or a setting that can be hidden or visible. Inspired by the traces of old buildings one might find in an ancient place, the installation calls to mind how these crumbling individual components now only serve as silent witnesses. However, at one time may have been the key element of a wall, or ceiling, etc. Regardless of their prior functionality, the aesthetic potential overrides the previous story.

The public artworks proposed either in the gallery set up or outdoor are for temporary or permanent display, mainly experimental interaction with the passersby and spaces, which are meant to personalize the space and interact with the viewer.

Artworks (16)

Toma Gabor, 2021


Toma Gabor, 2020


Toma Gabor, 2019

the flower launcher

Toma Gabor, 2021


Toma Gabor, 2019


Toma Gabor, 2018

cuboid – module

Toma Gabor, 2010

Mass produced

Toma Gabor, 2008


Toma Gabor, 2009

the passer by

Toma Gabor, 2009

The shopper II

Toma Gabor, 2009


Toma Gabor, 2014

The Network

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