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Cate Wind - Introduction


born in Durban, South Africa
Lives and works in Berlin

Cate Wind creates sculptures and installations that reveal correlations between modern knowledge and ancient systems of belief. Trained in the craftsmanship of glass, traditional painting, and visual communication, Wind assembles refined materials such as metal, glass, or resin with discarded found objects including gearwheels, vintage herbariums, or religious textiles. Her work merges the energy contained within these materials and objects with her own personal experiences. Where her art may not fit into any one particular genre, Cate Wind boldly creates her own. On a more visual aspect Energy is materialised through light and colour and reflection, which play a central role in her practice. These associations create a multi-layered, vivid image - as in life, there is not always one perspective. More precisely for her paintings she uses glass shards glide over oil paint - revealing several layers which can be seen as a unique way of track reading.

Artworks (14)

Cate Wind


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Cate Wind, 2021

Es ist das Leben passiert. Das Leben ist passiert.

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Cate Wind, 2020

Ich frei mich nicht fühl

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Cate Wind, 2020

Two of a kind

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Cate Wind, 2020


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Cate Wind, 2020


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Cate Wind, 2020

Be aware

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Cate Wind, 2019

Je länger das Haar, desto kürzer der Verstand

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Cate Wind, 2019


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Cate Wind, 2019


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Cate Wind, 2019

Tied down

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Cate Wind, 2019


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Cate Wind, 2019

Sorry to the flowers

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Cate Wind, 2019


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