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Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer


Beatriz Carbonell-Ferrer is a sculptress. She was born in Valencia in 1974. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of San Carlos of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in 1997. Since then, she develops her work of personal creation in parallel to teaching (during the years 2001-2005) and the artistic direction of SCULTO, international Contemporary Sculpture Fair(since 2017)

She is an active member of the European association, based in Munich, which gathers more than 700 artists, gallery owners, museum directors, art critics and private collectors from various countries and has more than 18,000 subscribers of its newsletters monthly; She is coordinator of the northern area of ​​Spain: she tries to connect the artists of the region and give visibility to their works, works in three dimensions, through the online platform

Her concern and interest in contemporary art has led her to be a member of the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) of Spain; It is an independent association of professionals dedicated to nowadays art seeking to benefit the entire artistic community working for the professionalization of all cultural agents.

Her personal work is based on vital experiences, on the observation of lived reality and on the analysis of human relationships, sometimes from within, sometimes, looking outside. As a mother, she has developed new ways of understanding the world.

Starting with scribbled sketches and models, she feels more comfortable with the three dimensions, so she materializes her ideas through sculptures. She is a perfectionist in the resolution of the techniques she uses and has developed high capacities in stone carving and the treatment of ceramics, wood, iron and bronze.

She has been invited to participate in international symposiums of outdoor sculpture in different countries, making “in situ” a large-scale sculpture of stone, wood and even ice. These works can be visited in the sculptural parks of the following places: Cartagena, Uncastillo and Camponaraya, in Spain. And in Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Cuba, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Wales, Uruguay, Brazil, New Zealand, France, Cyprus, Turkey, Argentine Patagonia and China.

Her work is included in the Bibliographic Repertoire of Contemporary Valencian Artists Selected and Commented, in the Dictionary of Valencian Artists of the 20th Century, and in the History of LlĂ­ria 2010.

During her travels, she has formed a group of artists who meet to work, share knowledge and exhibit their works. It's called BroadBand and it's made up of Elsie Wood, from Boulder, Colorado. Brenda Oakes of Wales; Constantina Iconomóplulos, of Buenos Aires, and herself. In 2004 they met in Swansea and in Buenos Aires. In 2005, in Boulder; in 2011 in Valencia. Today, they keep in touch and are preparing a new meeting. Sculptures in gardens and public places - DEGIRMENDERE, TURQUIA. Sculpture, wood. - NICOSIA, CHYPRUS. Sculpture, limestone. - PARQUE ESCULTÓRICO DE CERYSI LA FORET, FRANCIA. “Makalu”, marble. - PARQUE ATATUR, PASEO MARÍTIMO, MERSIN, TURKIA. ”Acompañas mis pasos”, Afyon marble. - PARQUE MUNICIPAL DE CAMPONARAYA, Camino de Santiago, LEÓN. “Pies cuna”, Carrara marble. - PISCINAS PÚBLICAS DE UNCASTILLO, ZARAGOZA. “Montonet”, sand stone. - PASEO MARÍTIMO DE CARTAGENA. “Esperando”, Macael marble. - PARQUE INTERNACIONAL DE HORICE, REPÚBLICA CHECA. “Pie cuna”, sand stone. - VIA VERDE DE MEZDRA, BULGARIA. “Stapka kam radostta”, lime stone. - PASEO DE LOS TURISTAS, PUNTARENAS, COSTA RICA. ”Burbujas”, lime stone. - WAITAKURURU PARK, HAMILTON, NUEVA ZELANDA. “Chained steps”, oak wood. - PARQUE INTERNACIONAL DE ESCULTURAS, BRUSQUE, BRASIL.”Pie bola”, marmble. - PASEO DE LA PLAYA DE LA FLORESTA, MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY.” Diálogo con…” , granite. - PARQUE MARGAM PARK, GALES, REINO UNIDO. “Standing quiet”, oak wood. - PARQUE MUNICIPAL DE MIRAFLORES. LIMA. PERU. “Abrazo”, granite. - PARQUE ESCULTÓRICO DEL RINCÓN DE ADEMÚZ. “Escalera”, wood and lead.

Artworks (5)

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer, 2020

UN MINUTO DE ORO. A minut of gold

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer, 2020


Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer, 2020

HEMEROTECA. Newspaper library

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer, 2020


Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer, 2020

TENGO MIEDO. I'm afraid

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Exhibition Member event

La Materia de Pablo Palazuelo en CVNE

Laguardia, Spain

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