Susanne Roewer

In the works of Susanne Roewer often two conflicting materials collide,
forming a fragile new entity. She explores elementary materials, such as metal, stone or
glass, combining abstract shapes with figurative elements.
Glass is a preferred partner in this material dialogue because of its
special abilities to contain air and play with light.

“With a degree in and the knowledge of material sciences’ plus my art studies, I make
sketches of my ideas, searching for the most fitting material and shape.
Pieces develop from stories, always triggered by a poetic part of human
life and society, absurd or romantic, heroic or stupid, political or stand-alone.
My sculptures build on the material knowledge and skills that were gathered
since the beginning of mankind, and the human need to give a material expression to
immaterial things: power, transcendence, reason, freedom or love”.

Artworks (3)

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