Martin Staniforth

I am fascinated by the natural process of renewal, the circle of life. Life follows death follows life, as sure as day follows night follows day. My creative practice focuses on emergence, regeneration and natural progression, drawing influences from nature and mankind’s experience of nature. My sculptures build a sense of hope.

A media-neutral sculptor (working in a variety of materials including 500-year-old burnt wood, clay, bronze) and a creative facilitator incorporating community workshops, original music compositions and contemporary dance into sculpture installations.

Artworks (8)

Martin Staniforth, 2021

Tree Of Hope

Martin Staniforth, 2021

Scension (dance)

Martin Staniforth, 2017

Hope & Renewal

Martin Staniforth, 2021

Scension (grounded)

Martin Staniforth, 2016


Martin Staniforth, 2018


Martin Staniforth, 2019


Martin Staniforth, 2021

Scension 170_Maria

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