Linda Brunker

“My work comes from a place where art, science, nature and the human spirit meet. Our world is fascinating at every level, from microscopic organisms to the galaxy that surrounds us. I am becoming more and more aware of what many traditional cultures knew - that all things are connected. Isn’t it interesting that the pattern of veins on a leaf are so similar to the veins that carry blood to every cell in the human body? The same dynamics that arrange starfish in an underwater current shapes dust and gas on a vast scale into a spiral nebulae in space. This work is the product of my continual explorations of the natural and spiritual world around me.”dd your statement here

Linda's innovative works challenge the traditional conception of figurative sculpture. Her trademark style typically incorporates natural elements to create images composed into flowing shapes which echo the rhythms of fire, water and wind. Her pieces often have the feeling of being accidental and transitory. The physical reality of metal sculpture is that it is heavy and static. Brunker works against this so that the material seems light and fluid, creating fragile images that defy logic. She was quickly drawn to public art and in her 30 year career she has made almost 40 public art sculptures which are located around the world. She enjoys the challenge of creating site specific sculptures that resonate with their surroundings and have significance for the people that engage with them. The largest to date is ‘Gaia’s Garden’ which is 25 m tall and is fabricated from stainless steel, bronze and copper. It is an icon for the current interest in restoring the damaged natural environment.
Brunker strives to make artworks that have more than physical form. She believes there is energy in everything and that artworks can develop an unseen energy that is all their own which can uplift and move the viewer. At her first exhibition in 1988 a prominent critic noted this aspect when she said:
“the underlying idea, the artist's intention, and the medium used to express that intention and idea, coalesce so closely and with such crucial balance that an ardent energy is released, breathing life into inert matter.''

Artworks (3)

Linda Brunker, 2019

Gaia's Garden

Linda Brunker, 2017

Lake Lady

Linda Brunker, 2021


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