Anna Pirrello

Feel the Energy, feel the love!

my art name explained:

It comes from the fact that my real name is Anna and when I write it fast it always comes out as Ama...the two letters "nn" become fused together like in an "m";

in Italian "ama" is the second person of the imperative tense of the verb Amare, so ama literally means (please) love!

And I really feel this is the true inner aim of my whole Art...spreading and suggesting and remembering people to Love, because the whole world deserves it. Amare to Love /aˈmare/ /lʌv/ Love is usually defined as a strong affection for another, as a strong regard for and dedication to someone or something. fondness tenderness warmth intimacy attachment endearment devotion adoration doting idolisation worship passion ardour desire lust yearning infatuation adulation besottedness compassion caring regard solicitude concern friendliness friendship kindness charity goodwill sympathy kindliness altruism philanthropy unselfishness benevolence brotherliness sisterliness intrigue amour liking weakness partiality bent leaning proclivity inclination disposition enjoyment appreciation soft spot taste delight relish passion zeal appetite zest enthusiasm keenness predilection penchant fondness adoration devotion cherish worship idolise treasure prize... Anyway nobody can see Love with their own eyes. Love is actually Invisible. Nonetheless we can Feel it and express it in all its multiple declinations. It is indeed possible to Perceive it as a form of Energy. The whole matter is Energy in movement. Even the most solid objects are built from Energy. We are all surrounded and constantly trespassed by Energy. We ourselves are Energy. The source of this Energy is Love. Love is the Highest Form of Energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Love forces vibrate at the Highest Frequency. Love is the Greatest and Fundamental Energy of Life or the Unified Field of Consciousness. The lack of Love opens the door to inferior forces that then enter fully charged with any kind of negativity. Love nourishes Health, enhances and supports Life. Negative emotions nourish illness and avoid Life. Love can heal and this healing is unlimited God's Love. ​By expressing, feeling and tuning with Love we can sustain, nurture and heal ourselves and the whole World. Feel the Energy, Feel the Love...AmA

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Anna Pirrello, 2018


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