Eduardo DomĂ­nguez Cabrerizo

Eugène Delacroix once admitted that Van Gogh “had discovered painting when he had neither teeth nor breath left”. I feel myself identified with this confession, not only about painting but about Art in general.

A vital experience, at age 55, opened my eyes to a new world, a true world, the world of present, of fragile life, a volatile life, the search of authenticity… Suddenly nothing has a value but the present. Past is an anecdote and future doesn’t exist.

This emotional earthquake resulted in an urging need to create, and the act of creating is individual and unique. I like to materialize my inspiration, as diverse as it may be. I definitely appreciate seeing the audience reaction… and take pleasure when they enjoy, but my understanding is that working seeking the approval of the audience would be cheating myself.

As surely Freud or the surrealists themselves would endorse, any thought in a potential audience while the work of art is being created would act as a distorting screen on the original inspiration.

This argument, together with the lack of an urge to sell, allows me to be totally free to live Art.

If I had to tag myself, I think I would fit into the plastic artist standard, but I feel more accomplished with sculpture, with the 3D format, whatever the raw material is. And if that raw material has served for another previous purpose for man (recycling) or has already been shaped in some way by nature, even better; thus I obtain an added value that connects and contrasts simultaneously with my own intervention.

I suppose that for everything said above, I consider that my works are framed within the Conceptual Art - Surrealism - Povera triangle.

I love Art, but I do not know if it is a mutual feeling. Instagram: @edocaver Facebook: Eduardo DomĂ­nguez Cabrerizo

Artworks (2)

Eduardo DomĂ­nguez Cabrerizo, 2018

Piedra y Hierro II

Eduardo DomĂ­nguez Cabrerizo, 2019

Time and movement VII

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