Luciana Arditto

From the beginning my production is focus on the hypothetical transformations that the matter suffers through the dialogue established between it and the world. That is, how certain invisible conditions - such as physical laws or the passage of time - are shown through concrete changes in the qualities of the objects, for example, the falling or corrosion.
Morphologically and conceptually, I make an analogy between my sculptures and the human body which as any other three-dimensional object is affected by those factors. I use my own body as a "model" to explore how these invisible forces work so, in some way, this works are the reflect on my own experiences.
These constructions pretend to be a kind of "living geometry", a metaphor of the human body as a volume, but also as a place: a “non- functional architecture” that modifies the place where it is situated and is as well modified by it.

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Artworks (1)

Luciana Arditto, 2017

The wiil of matter

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