Bergit Hillner

I started producing small sculptures out of mud before I was able to speak and became addicted. This addiction was further nurtured by attending every available course and lectures in universities and technical schools and working in different offices as an architect.
For more than ten years, I have been working self-employed in the fields of architecture, economics, design and art.
In recent years, I am intensively involved with the building-process itself on a large scale, in cooperation with companies from a wide range of different fields from building construction to interior. During this timespan I steadily increased working the areas of art and design.
In order to be able to deliberately make this artistic part of my work accessible to a broader public, I’ve decided to give my art and design pieces their own platform on bergit•baut … this is kind of a homecoming to me … back to the roots … a combination of digital art & design and the simple pleasure of handcraft.
All of the creations are single pieces. Some of them would be available in limited-lot productions as per your request.

Artworks (18)

Bergit Hillner, 2016

Mann im Schaum

Bergit Hillner, 2009

00 _ 03

Bergit Hillner, 2007

Plantagen-Taschen _ 01-03

Bergit Hillner, 2008

cup parisien _ 01

Bergit Hillner, 2018

six-packing _ 01

Bergit Hillner, 2018


Bergit Hillner, 2005

möbius and the saw

Bergit Hillner, 2013

sleeping beauty _ 01

Bergit Hillner, 2012

ceramic-monster's 01-05

Bergit Hillner, 2018


Bergit Hillner, 2018


Bergit Hillner, 2018


Bergit Hillner, 2017


Bergit Hillner, 2017


Bergit Hillner


Bergit Hillner, 2017


Bergit Hillner, 2017


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