Thin fingers of while ceramic porcelain paper clay spray outwards and their tips curl downwards.

Graham Hay

I create sociologically inspired, biomorphic sculptures and performance predominately using ceramic paper clay or compressed paper.

Since Neolithic times we developed materials, devices, structures, values, rites, and social structures that enable dozens, and now millions of us to coexist peacefully.

Ceramic paper clay sculpture provides a way to meditation on our relations and how we sustain our formal, informal and non-physical connections.

Internationally recognised as a pioneer and one of the leaders in the global paper clay movement. Also creates permeant compressed sculptures of up to 3 tonne for outdoors.

Artworks (5)

Graham Hay, 2002


Graham Hay, 2007

Loose circle

Graham Hay, 2000


Graham Hay, 2014

Common Beater 1 & 2

Graham Hay, 2017

Critical Mass

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