4 December - Peter Randall-Page, Cloud Nine and Envelope of Pulsation II

The Artists’ organic stone sculptures and geometric patterns reflect the diversity of forms and the creative spirit of nature.
The large granite artworks Cloud Nine and Envelope of Pulsation II were shown for the first time at a solo exhibition at the Sculpture Parc of Kloster Schoenthal (Switzerland) from June to November 2019


"Cloud Nine", 2019, Granite, 125 x 273 x 236 cm, Photo: Heiner Grieder


"Envelope of Pulsation II" (foreground), 2019, Granite, 80 x 120 x 81 cm,
In the background "Rorschach Screen" and "Envelope of Pulsation I", Photo: Heiner Grieder


More about Peter Randall-Page here or on his website.

An interview with artist Peter Randall-Page was conducted by Daniel Lingham, editor and founder of Sculpturevox for the first issue of the magazine.


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