3000 Poppies in Munich

A special kind of installation can be seen in the middle of Munich until 2 December. On the Königsplatz, 3,000 poppies commemorate victims of wars everywhere. An emotional impression.
Never Again
Walter Kuhn, Poppies at Königsplatz. Photo: Ingrid Gardill

"Never Again" is the message that the performance artist Walter Kuhn sends into the world with his poppies, a warning to all of us and a plea for peace. In the English-speaking world, the poppies have long been a symbol of the memory of war victims. In Germany the picture may seem a little more unusual, but it obviously moves people in the same way. Even in the days before the opening, many curious people were already nosing around the square in the days before the opening to witness the installation of the flowers.


Mohnblumen, Foto: Nikolas Giessing
Walter Kuhn, Poppies. Photo: Nikolas Giessing

The opening ceremony on 11.11.2018 was a complete success – 2000 visitors attended the official opening event. At least as many walked through the flowers in the sunshine during the course of the day. Touching them and being able to experience them directly is certainly part of the success of the event. Visitors are directly involved in the artwork, actively experiencing and changing it. Just as we have to actively shape the world in which we live. So that we don't have to look back in time once more, thinking: Never again!

The installation can be seen until 2 December. Anyone staying in Munich and the surrounding area should not miss it.   

Mohnblumen, Foto: Nikolas Giessing
Walter Kuhn, Never again. Photo: Nikolas Giessing.


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