Ninette Koning

The power of simplicity within the chaos of possibilities.

When I am outside (in the country) my eyes are attracted by weather-beaten and old objects like pieces of driftwood; smooth and bleached by sun, sand and water. Or a rusty pin, once maybe the capstone of a door. A dot of paint left as a remainder of the last owner. Rust draws form and structure on the surface. What I like so much about the old and weather-beaten objects is the story told by the history it shows, the history that indicates ephemerality.

My land-art installations are often site-specific and the materials I collect are mostly natural and waste materials. If possible I work with waste materials and C2C principles.
Art and nature have opposite sides where separation and integration are interesting for me. I try to be sensitive for the continuous changes in nature and to intensify my artwork I do a lot of research about contrasts. Behind the chaos of contrasts there is serenity in unity. There often is a charisma of natural serenity and sobriety in my works, a balance obtained by the contrasts.

As written in an art critic: ‘The works of Ninette Koning have a modest character, a grand gesture and a poetic power.’
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Out of the box, Dutch Society of Sculptors from 1 aug - 30 aug 2021.
NDSM Plein 29, 1033BC Amsterdam Noord

solo exhibition Galery Out in the Field, Amsterdam, 2019 June 9th - July 9th 'Parels voor de Zwijnen' Vernissage 9 juni van 14.00 t/m 16.00
Group Exhibitions
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Landart, bkkc, Tilburg, the Netherlands

2016, july 14 - september 4

Dwaaltijd, NKvB, Park Vijversburg, the Netherlands

2016 june - october
Converter, NL
Ninette Koning, Wood, Textile

Ninette Koning

Ninette Koning
The Wake France
Ninette Koning
detail The Wake
Ninette Koning
QR Code the Netherlands
Ninette Koning
QR Code
Ninette Koning
Watercarrier, the Netherlands
Ninette Koning
Ninette Koning
Woods, Hockney, Koning, Woods the Netherlands
Ninette Koning
detail Woods, Hockney, Koning, Woods
Ninette Koning
Flow of energy
Ninette Koning, Wood, Installation
Open Connection
Dried Luffa. On show in Botanical Garden Nijmegen till 30 oct.
Ninette Koning, Natural materials, Textile
Vegetal Fur
I built a kind of fur-coat with loads of pine needles and cocoleaf. A labor intensive technique with a repetitive nature. Re-use of natural material, creating new form and looking towards the future.
Ninette Koning, Mixed Media, Installation

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