Pablo Redondo was born in Malaga. His father founded during the 1960’s a studio for architectural models, a profession completely handcrafted to which he dedicated his whole life. Since he was a child, Pablo spent many hours in the studio surrounded by materials and tools. Very quickly he became familiar with the woodworking craft: carving, milling, the lathe, varnishes, finishes…

When Pablo Redondo begins his creative process, he focuses on the essence of each one of them, that is, on their cellular structure, the soul of wood. He is studying it and working it until he gets to keep the essentials. «When I begin to carve a piece of wood, the shape that I have in my head is altered by the internal structure of the piece, invisible from the outside. Wood asks me and I am modifying any previous idea to adapt to it ». Pablo seeks the highest degree of expressiveness, it is so important that he sometimes feels that the first cut of the wood "does not work", he does not express what he is looking for and is forced to discard it.

Current Exhibitions

· Espacio, Volumen y Espiritualidad: https://www.monasteriodeelpaular.com/sala-museistica

The degree of slenderness and subtlety of these pieces reflects the importance of the artisan process for the artist. An introspective path and a spiritual search that for ten years has tried to emit a dialogue that mixes the material and the spiritual. https://odnoder.com/sculptures.php?token=60aa7d4796cb5
Odnoder, Wood
Odnoder's sculpture "is sophisticated, delicate, sublime, minimal." His creative process focuses on the essence of wood, on the soul. She is studying it and working it until she manages to keep the essentials. The material essence of this piece considers artistic practice as a spiritual experience. This work shows the great challenge of reconstructing beauty through wood and colors. Art is a means to find this spiritual sensitivity, embedded in the soul of the work. The mixture of the rational and the spiritual, the tangible and the intangible is a reconstruction of beauty, recovery of the soul, «Rebuilt aura».
Odnoder, Mixed Media
Wood that is born precisely from nature seeks to make us disconnect in order to reconnect. Get out of the superfluous and look for the essential. The Dance of the Wind is a deep connection with nature, recognized in the movement created by this sculptural ensemble.
The experience of love goes hand in hand with surrender and junction. This piece gives off a sensorial harmony that invites us to capture with simplicity the essence of this own sensuality.
The strength of ceramics evokes an elegance and subtlety typical of the feminine, seen as an attitude of delicacy. An artistic expression of the vitality and softness of colors.
Odnoder, Mixed Media
The unison movement of this piece recalls the concept of team as a point of trust and communion with each other. The central figure shelters and transforms the relationship of the others.

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