Claire Nelissen

I use my motto “sculpture is matter's breath of life” to honour murdered journalists. Their death is often preceded by years of threats, pestering and other attempts to shut them up. Recently, I started my campaign “Sculptor for Journalists”. Up to now I am, as far as I know, a lone wolf in this, yet I hope to create a pack of sculptors in support of journalists.

In general my artwork is my way of sniffing at life; at how experience draws its trail on a face, or how
challenges imprint determination or despair in a facial expression.

Stuck. People can get stuck in their fate, whether it be locked-in in Alzheimer or a politician gaining new insight that he has been wrong all the way. For others, life threats can challenge them to betray their principles (which they won’t), whether they be a journalist in the 21st century, or Thomas More in the 16th.

My age makes me vintage for millennials: attractively quirky yet of an age of unfamiliar shadows. I was born in 1956, World War II still hung in my parents’ nostrils, which made us grow up with stories of honour and betrayal, good and wrong. It probably brought me to make sculpture a story-in-one-piece. I started as a sculptor in stone in the 90s; it taught me to think from a forms-in-a-form perspective. Yet, I got teachings in professional mastering of form and expression in clay since 2000 by my tutor Menno Veenendaal, a Dutch portraitist I still admire.
I work as a professional artist since 2000. Next to work on commission, I have exhibited in a number of group exhibits in The Netherlands:
2010 group exhibition “Stil de Tijd” (“Still Time”), Orangery Duivenvoorde Estate, Voorschoten
2010 Chambre d’Amis M.Veenendaal, “Kunstlijn” Haarlem
2016 group exhibition “Belcanto Kunstlijn” Haarlem
2017 group exhibition “Belcanto Kunstlijn” Haarlem
2018 grand opening exhibition “Bogotà” Halfweg
2019 group exhibition “Portraits local residents of Rosenhaghe”, Circle of Portraitists Haarlem
Anna Politkovskaja
In memory of Anna Politkovskaja, journalist, Russia, murdered 2006
Claire Nelissen, Clay
Daphne Caruana Galizia
In memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia, journalist, Malta, murdered 2017
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Despair at the insight that his policy of industrialising agriculture turned out disastrous for small farms and nature, while creating a butter mountain: Eurocommissioner Sicco Mansholt has a strike of insight. In 2015 a Dutch actor, Helmert Woudenberg played Sicco Mansholt, European Commissioner for Agriculture (1958-1972)and designer of the European Agricultural Policy
Claire Nelissen, Mixed Media, Plastics
Old age acquiescence
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Male head
Claire Nelissen
Claire Nelissen, Plastics
How Alzheimer can take over...
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Thomas More
"Never!" Thomas More (1478-1535) refused to sign the Act of Supremacy of Henry VIII, by which Henry VIII would become head of the Curch of England. More was beheaded for this refusal
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Charlotte van Pallandt
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Chris holding her guinea pig "Kruintje"
Claire Nelissen, Bronze
Ode to friendship
Claire Nelissen, Plaster
Breath of Life
Inspired by Peter Sloterdijk's book "Sphären"
Claire Nelissen, Stone
Ode to the loving care of a family for a sick sibling. Wellbeing is in this society often taken to be wellness.
Claire Nelissen, Plaster
Where love for books meets love for music
Claire Nelissen, Plaster
Nathan der Weise
Nathan der Weise - after Lessing
Claire Nelissen, Stone

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