Fiona Zondervan

"Nature is the teacher of art.
Animals are my models. Bronze and stone the materials I work in. Movement, texture and natural shape are my basic ingredients. Birds and mammals in particular inspire me to create images that have a strong outer form and an exciting inner strength.

Born 1963 Haarlem, The Netherlands

As an autodidact, I shaped my education myself. I started studying with other artists in museums, animal and botanical gardens, at home and abroad.

2019 cellebrating 30th anniversary Sculpting
In Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam
Kunstzaal van Heijningen the Hague
Gallerie Classico, Berlin
Working with Galleries in the Netherlands and in Berlin.
Art Fairs; Art Breda, First Art fair
Publications (last 3 years)
2019 Dierbaar Dier, Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam
2018 Een blik van Verassing II, Kunstzaal van Heijningen, Den Haag
2017 Stapel op Vee, Boek bij tentoonstelling Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam
2016 Een blik van verassing, Kunstenaars van Kunstzaal van Heijningen
2016 Hoogvliegers van het Laagland, Eerbetoon aan de vogel, Nederland
Bronze sculpture
Fiona Zondervan, Bronze
Jungles III
Hommage to Henri Rousseau Is exhibited in Gallerie Classico, Berlin, june 2019
Fiona Zondervan, Stone
Drawing in Stone
Fiona Zondervan
Fishy serpentine
Fiona Zondervan, Stone
Eagle Owl, Limestone
Sculpture in stone
Fiona Zondervan, Stone, Natural materials
The Myth of the Minotaur, Fragment
Sculpture; material marble and wood
Fiona Zondervan, Wood, Stone

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