Keld Moseholm

Keld Moseholm's imagery is contemporary and rooted in the art and aesthetics of the twentieth century, but the stories and the moral values which are the foundations of the works, are timeless and universal and reach beyond the artist's own time and own space.
-Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen, Director of Faaborg Museum -

Born in 1936
1958-62 The Funen Art Academy, Odense
1968-70 The School of Art of Teaching
1965-70 The Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen
Solo, selected

2017 'Livsvaerker' The Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Denmark
2016 'Livsvaerker' Faaborg Museum,Denmark
2010 'Moseholm<>Moseholm', Johs. Larsen Museum, Kerteminde, Denmark
2009 'Man, Substance, Challenge' Jens Nielsen & Olivia Holm-Møller,
Holstebro, Denmark
2007 'Form and movement', DGI-Byen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005-1989 Ostholstein Museum, Eutin,Germany
2002 Gallery Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
2000-1996 Gallery Bergman, Malmø, Sweden
1998 Telemark Fylkesgallery, Notodden, Norway
1992 Retrospective exhibition, Jens Nielsen & Olivia Holm-Møller,Holstebro, Denmark
1991 21th International Biennial, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Group, selected

2017-1999 Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, Perth, Australia
2017-2003 Schweizerische Triennale der Skulptur, Bad Ragaz and Vaduz, Switzerland
2014 Sculpture Outdoor, Greve Museum, Denmark
2014 The Funen Spring Exhibition, Johs. Larsen Museum, Kerteminde, Denmark
2013 Nordart Carlshütte, Hamburg, Germany
2013 Brösarp Kunsthalle, Sweden
2012 House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2011-2009 Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus, Denmark
2010 ArtsCape Biennial, Byron Bay, Australia
2004 Spring exhibition: 75th anniversary, The Funen Art Museum, Odense, Denmark
2003 Golden Smiles, House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
1999 'Duality', A European Dialogue, Rendsburg, Germany
1993 'Art from Europe', Münster, Germany
1989-83 International Exhibition of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
1985 Danish-Norwegian Sculpture, Stavanger, Norway

'Livsvaerker'. Billedhuggeren Keld Moseholm 80 år. Published by Faaborg Museum 2016
Croquis: Keld Moseholm. Forlaget Kle-Art. 2016
500xArt in Public. Brown. 2012
Sculpture by the Sea. 15th Anniversary Book. 2011
Niels Thomassen, 'Man Substance Challenge'. Holstebro Kunstforening. 2009
Tine Hastrup von Buchwald, 'Christianity and Fat Men', Unitas 2007
Lisbeth Smedegaard Andersen, 'Black on White'. Thaaning og Appel. 2005
Ole Lindboe, 'Keld Moseholm's World - Gravity and Laughter' 2004
Johannes Møllehave,'Keld Moseholm Jørgensen'. Sculpture. 1992
Keld Moseholm Jørgensen. Preface by Stig Krabbe Barfoed. Brandts Klædefabrik. 1987

Trefor, Kolding Bronze
Keld Moseholm
On the staircase. Bronze, copper and granite
Keld Moseholm
The obelisk. Bronze and granite
Keld Moseholm
Project. Bronze and granite
Keld Moseholm
The kiss. Bronze and granite
Keld Moseholm
Paraphrase on the Tin Drum
This sculpture is inspired by the novel " The Tin Drum" by the German author Günther Grass
Keld Moseholm, Bronze, Granite
Curiosity and greed killed the cat
Keld Moseholm, Bronze

Keld Moseholm

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