January 2018
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sculpture network start'18 in Langebaan, South Africa: West Coast Fossil Park

Sculpt the world with us – You are cordially invited to start'18, the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture at 11.00 A.M.

Encounters at the West Coast Fossil Park

In situ conversation

The Fossil Park near Langebaanweg gives visitors a glimpse into the distant past. The fossilized bones of extinct animals that lived in the area 5.2 million years ago have been uncovered and present an extraordinary opportunity to think about the landscape before humans became part of the eco-system.

Interacting with the fossil beds and the remains of extinct animals, such as short-necked giraffes and sabre-toothed cats, may evoke different responses –both knowledge and imagination come into play. Palaeontological interpretation of the excavated bones gives scientific meaning to the fossil fauna but the site may also be experienced aesthetically as a poetic cultural landscape.

A few reflections to consider:

What is the relationship between experience and scientific interpretation?

As artists, curators or writers, how do you respond to the Fossil Park?

What is the interface between nature and culture in the fossil landscape?

How would you represent the relationship between past and present?


These are but a few notes to accompany your visit to the Fossil Park.

West Coast Fossil Park
Nr. Langebaanweg
South Africa

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