June 2021
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Touch and movement in sculpture

Marina Bauer und Bernhard Jordi

What is sculpture? Two members highlight aspects of touch and movement.

As an artist and researcher Marina Bauer (HR) invites the public to bodily interact with their surroundings and each other. In a digital age, grounds us into the world.
Bauer writes a thesis Bodily Perception in the Experience of Sculpture.

While digital technology has become invisible, Bernhard Jordi (CH) creates playful machineries The viewer must first put his energy into the sculpture before he can understand it as a whole.

Moderation curator Anne Berk

Join us on zoom on Monday 7 June, 20.00 CEST

The event will be held in English.
Participation is free of charge, all you need is a PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Please register with the button "Register Now!" to receive the link to the Zoom meeting.



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