November 2020
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Meet Me Online! Sculpture Date

In corona-times, we are happy to offer a new way of personal networking.
You are invited to take part in a Sculpture Date with 3 other members in Europe. Cross the borders for free, and get in touch with artists and non-artists. Share your knowledge, skills, inspiration and contacts (for exhibitions)!

We will gather all the emails, mix them at random, and send you 3 contacts.

On 19 November at 17.00, you start your Sculpture Date on Zoom or Skype Yourself with your 3 sculpture contacts. Each Sculpture Date lasts 15 minutes. After that you connect with the next date.

Let us know if you want to participate in the Sculpture Date. Mail the Think Tank!

Alte Schulstrasse 30
71556 Vaihingen an der Enz-Horrheim

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