January 2019
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sculpture network start'19 in Segelyacht Chiloé:

Jens J. Meyer
Programe Start ’19 on January 27. 2019

trans art lantico

Watch a trailer here>>

Place: on board Sailingyacht Chiloè
Admiralty Bay, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Programe: (Eastern Caribean Time = MEZ – 5 h)
9.00 am - Welcome of guests on board
- Start ’19 Video of sculpture network
- Exhibition on board with artworks of:
Jens J. Meyer (GER), Almir Tá (BRAS), Sabine Weissbach (GB), unknown African
10.00 trans art lantico - presentation of the project part 1 (Hamburg – Buenos Aires
2011-2012) including video trailer and part 2 (Buenos Aires – La Habana 2015-2020).
11.00 am open talk - recommended themes:
- art and sculpture as global language
- art and travel for intercultural communication
- sculpture parks in the southern Caribbean (e.g. Grenada Underwater Sculpture
Park, Fondation Clément, collection and sculpture park, Martinique)
- sculpture and sailing - historical and traditional sails and rigging as source of

from 12.30 local time (17.30 German time) second part in the Rainbow castle Guesthouse in Port Elizabeth: Meeting with artists from Bequia and Argentina. International exchange about sculpture and society.

Open end (drinks are served)

Segelyacht Chiloé
Admiralty Bay, Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


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Jens J. Meyer
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